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24 janvier 2009 @ 15:03
Not sure if everyone's seen these already or not, but yeah. Just some clips I found of KangTa in the musical. (There's acutally a lot more, but I've only posted 4?)

4 videosRéduire )

...I feel like I've somehow compromised him by posted that.
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05 août 2008 @ 07:34
Some are older, some are more recent. ^^

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Credit: kangta.com.cn
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21 juillet 2008 @ 13:24
So I've always wondered about this and now that I've come out of my hidey-hole, I would like to ask you all a question.
I know JunTa is sort of the...main pairing within Ta's Fandom(ish type thing), but I know friends who like TonTa, HyukTa, etc.
So my questions to you today are:
-> What's your favorite KangTa pairing?
-> What's your least favorite KangTa pairing?
-> What's the weirdest (in a good/bad way) KangTa pairing you've seen/read?

I'll go first~?
-> Favorite pairing is SungTa (HyeSung/KangTa) It's just so....cute? XD;; And they're sort of cute clingy with each other (or Ta is, at least) I can't help but "awww" at it. DDD;
-> I don't really have a least favorite pairing...but if there is one, it's probably going to be JunTa, but that's only because it's probably the only pairing I've seen a lot of.
-> Weirdest pairing? Uh...I don't really know this one, either. Maybe KangTa/Hyori because I've never actually seen it? The only thing I've seen was when he walked by and punched her. She could have totally taken him, though

Ready? 3, 2, 1 POST!

** No fighting, okay? XD Don't agree with someone, don't talk to them. If you do start, just know most of us will probably be laughing at you. :3